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  • Master of Fine Art in Illustration, [with additional studies in 3D animation]
         East Carolina University, School of Art and Design, Greenville, NC, 2008
  • Master of Arts in Communication [film and animation] Regent University,
        Virginia Beach, VA, 1999
  • Bachelor of Fine Art in Painting, The University of Southern Maine,
        Portland / Gorham ME, 1981
  • The Portland School of Art, Portland, ME
  • Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY

    Professional Experience:

    2010 – present
         Assistant Professor, Department of Art, Elizabeth City State University
    1999 – 2010
         Assistant Professor, Department of Visual Art, Chowan University (2005-2010
         Instructor (2000-2004)
        Adjunct Faculty, (1999-2000)
    1996 – 1999
         Instructor of Drawing, Home School-Plus, Norfolk, VA
    Visual Artist / Illustrator:
    1985 – present
        I have worked as a freelance illustrator and designer for over twenty years, fulfilling         various contracts including magazine illustration, advertising, storyboards, animation,     textile design and concept art for video games.
    Stained Glass Designer and Painter:
    1983 – 1993
        Over the ten years that I worked as a full time stained glass designer, I was     responsible for the design and execution of several large projects in Florida, Virginia     and the District of Columbia. I was one of a few full-time glass painters working on     the east coast.
    Portrait Artist:
    1982 – 1983
        Although I continue to accept commissions for portraits now and then, this was the     year that I worked at it full time.
    Paste-up Artist / Graphic Designer:
        Tower Publishing, Portland Maine    

    Relevant Skills:

  • Producing images for publication, advertising, the web, and licensed products using     both traditional and digital means. ·
  • Traditional and digital animation

    Publications / Clients:

  • Activision ·
  • Animax ·
  • Badkatz ·
  • The Baltimore Zoo ·
  • CBN ·
  • Coastal Video ·
  • Colonial Williamsburg ·
  • Dean Goldman & Associates ·
  • DeWalt Tools ·
  • Ethicom & Associates ·
  • ESPN The Magazine ·
  • GolfWorld Magazine ·
  • Hawaii Save the Reef Foundation ·
  • HeartFire Productions ·
  • InTouch Designs ·
  • Mariah Vision Entertainment ·
  • NASA ·
  • NASCAR ·
  • The National Museum of Air and Space ·
  • The National Museum of Natural History ·
  • Nauticus: The National Maritime Center ·
  • NorthStar Productions ·
  • Philadelphia Sunday Inquirer ·
  • Pineapple Tweed ·
  • Roush Racing ·
  • SeaWorld ·
  • Warner Brothers / MovieWorld / Germany ·
  • Wohl Shoe Company / J.C. Penney ·
  • The Smithsonian Institution

    Shows and Awards:

  • 2007 Graduate Thesis Exhibition, East Carolina University ·
  • 2006 Graduate Art Show, Emerge Gallery, Greenville, NC ·
  • 2005 In My Wildest Dreams: One Man Show, Chowan College ·
  • 2005 Second Place, Paint the Town Competition, Murfreesboro, NC ·
  • 2004 Third Place, North American Review Illustration Competition ·
  • 2004 Regional Addy, Dallas TX ·
  • 2000 Faculty Exhibition Chowan College ·
  • 1989 Virginia State Film Festival ·
  • 1989 Selected for “Who’s Who” of Colleges and Universities ·
  • 1980 Maine State Governor’s Exhibition ·
  • 1980 All Maine Biennial ·
  • 1975 Work selected for permanent collection, Pratt Institute

    College Involvement:

              Technology, Curriculum, Enrollment Management, Environmental Safety           Faculty Senate
  • Mentor
  • Artisus (Art Students Club)           
  • Jazz Band           
  • Mark Twain Symposium (Presentation on Thomas Nast)           
  • The South Symposium (Presentation on George Ohr)
    Presentations representing the college to prospective students in Columbia, NC, Richmond, VA, Suffolk, VA, Washington, D.C. as well as numerous “dog and pony shows” on campus.

    Community Involvement:

  • 2006 Relay For Life (portraits for fundraising)           
  • 2005-present Chowan Community Chorus, Murfreesboro, NC           
  • 2003 – Present Worship Team, Royal Rangers, Occasional Art and Set Design,     Carpenter’s Shop Church, Ahoskie, NC           
  • 2001 – 2003 Worship Team, Church at the Crossroads, Ahoskie, NC           
  • 1995 – 2000 Youth Leader, Bayview Baptist Church, Norfolk, VA           
  • 1981 – 1987 Taught various Sunday School classes, including special ed.           
  • 1978 – 1980 Art Instructor / Coordinator, Greater Portland Christian School, Portland,      ME Youth Leader, Deacon, St. Lawrence Congregational Church, Portland, ME


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  • Artist’s Statement

    I live in the world of creative ideas. I believe that we were made in the image of a creator, and that this is a large and important component of our humanity. Art is where my ideas take
    on visual form, and the specific medium for those ideas is not nearly as important as
    the ideas themselves. One definition of a master is one who is not hindered by the restrictions of a particular medium, but is able to communicate thoughts clearly, regardless of the material with which they are working. As new technologies arise, the challenge may be defined as a struggle to ‘hold that thought’ while the artist adapts to new media. The medium should not be allowed to take over, and dictate ‘terms of surrender.’ Instead, I enjoy exploring new media, discovering new ways to do old tricks. Illustration is a profession, not a hobby. My clients have come to know me as an artist who understands illustration from both a technical and conceptual framework, and one who also appreciates the significance of deadlines. I enjoy the collaborative relationship that arises from the editorial process. The primary result of this for me is one of
    profound joy, both in the creation of individual images, and in making a living by fulfilling my calling as an artist.

    Philosophy of Education

    My teaching philosophy is a natural extension of my philosophy of art, which is rooted in several important ideas that have been handed down from the Bauhaus tradition of pedagogy, coupled with older traditions and disciplines that have gone before, laying a “foundation.”

    First, creative enterprise in visual art comes from an intimate understanding of the materials of production. This is arrived at through a process of guided experimentation, with a pronounced emphasis on craft. As each new medium is discovered, its intricacies must be completely explored and made plastic, so that nothing can hinder the intentions of the artist. Within this framework, all media and disciplines are equal, and serve to inform each other.

    Second, but equal to the first, is the idea that all visual art is derived from some form of drawing, because drawing is what makes ideas visual. The study of drawing should include a complete understanding of the human form, as this is the basis of an objective language of representation and design. In other words, if students can represent the human form in all of its complexity, they can easily represent their own ideas.

    Third, art is a concept before it is anything, therefore the student should be thoroughly conversant with the conceptual framework that is derived from an intimate understanding of art history, providing a larger context for the thought and work in which they engage.

    Finally, art is a profession, therefore proper business and ethical practice is an integral component of any professional art degree. In the old apprentice-master relationship, the business dimensions of the craft were considered to be a natural part of the education process. The world may be a much more complex place now, but thankfully, the satisfaction of making a living doing what you love remains the same.